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Perfecto CMS - Maxi 5.6

Perfecto CMS - Maxi 5.6

Developer Perfect Team
Updated 30 Dec 2014
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Perfecto CMS Maxi - maximal package of Perfecto CMS for higher goals, allows you to organize a full-fledged corporate portal. The package contains four new modules, that allow you to organize online commenting, newsletter, vote and receive feedback from users. Easy registration and account only leave a good impression on your visitors. So the same as the previous version, this assembly has the Ajax administration panel, which reduces the time to 60% and increases productivity. The integrated distribution system, working on Ajax technology, allows you to quickly filter out certain users and make the newsletter, promotions or bonuses.

Please note! Support for 5.x versions ends June 1, 2015. If you want to purchase a license, be sure to familiarize yourself with the new version of Perfecto CMS 6


  • News
  • Static pages
  • Last news
  • Categories
  • Cloud tags
  • Smart SEO module
  • Feedback form
  • Website search
  • Visits statistics
  • Multilingual interface
  • Easy & Smart templater
  • Easy modular system
  • Website turn on/off
  • News counter
  • Static pages counter
  • Management pages
  • Simple registration
  • Member account
  • Member forgot password
  • Universal Payment System
  • Ajax login
  • Member profile
  • Voting system
  • News and pages commenting
  • Website reviews
  • Newsletter


  • Home page
    Home page
    Possibility to display news or static pages on the front home page. This function changes to the control panel.
  • News
    Regular news pages, you can change news count in one page. And also "last news" block, that can be placed in any convenient place on the template
  • Static pages
    Static pages
    Information page with any images, videos and texts formatted in HTML format. For example static pages can be page "About us", "Jobs", "Our partners" and etc.
  • Website search
    Website search
    The search module for website. Find keyword in static pages and news. Very flexible and has the ability to easily integrate additional third-party modules.
  • Member registration
    Member registration
    Convenient and easy signup, the use of new technologies such as Ajax. After registration user is given access to the module "Universal Payment". This module can be used to generate fee-based services on the site.
  • Member account
    Member account
    All users have the personal account, users have the ability to edit the registration information, view statistics of the visits
  • Forgot password
    Forgot password
    Forgot password if you lost it. Possibility of restoring the password by entering the username or e-mail address, system automatically detecting current user
  • Universal Payment System
    Universal Payment System
    Module to make payments on you website online. The module can be expanded to accept new currency, with minimal knowledge of PHP. This box integrated payment gateways RoboKassa and InterKassa
  • Universal comments module
    Universal comments module
    Organize comments on the site has become very easy. This module is integrated in the news and static pages. This module flexibility to configure for compatibility with other third-party modules. Comments module has a multilingual interface.
  • Votes module
    Votes module
    Create a poll in 2 clicks. The module operates at Ajax, that allows to get more enjoyment from the visualization interface. You can organize a regular pols, well as pols with time limitation
  • Reviews
    Your customers are always able to leave their impressions of the site. Important for people to know what other people think about the site, based on experience in the use of the service.

Control panel features

  • Website short statistic
  • News management
  • Static pages management
  • Error pages management (404,403)
  • Categories management
  • Visitors statistics
  • Cloud tags management
  • Изменение времени публикаций
  • Multi-template engine
  • Change publication time
  • Language packages Import/Export
  • Human-Friendly links
  • Choose website template
  • List of installed modules
  • Feedback management
  • Users management
  • Users blocking
  • File manager
  • Templates for emails
  • Possibility to edit website templates via admin panel
  • Reviews management
  • Mailing for users any filters
  • Votes management
  • Comments management
Actual version5.6
Filesize:  3,64mb
License:Lifetime (for 5.x versions)
Libraries:GD, mb_string, iconv, mod_rewrite, simplexml, zip
Browser configurations:Support: JavaScript, Cookies

Update 5.6 (№201402)

  • Changes in news search module
  • Changes in static page search module
  • Updated feedback module in control panel. You can now reply the messages.
  • New website counter
  • Fixed issue with userpic in profile
  • Added userpic in comments
  • Changes in Interkassa
  • Changes in voting module
  • Fix last news problems in multilingual interface
  • Updated captcha update function by click

Update 5.5 (№201310)

  • Changed the module files hierarchy
  • Changes in authentication module
  • Update template editor module. It now supports CSS files
  • Added the ability to upload photos to your profile
  • Updated user profile
  • Update user groups module
  • New function imageResize() in CORE
  • New function phoneNumber() in CORE
  • Changes in reviews module
  • Changes in SEO module
  • Other fixes
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Perfecto CMS - Maxi 5.6 - Screenshot 26
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