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Perfecto CMS - Basic 6.1

Perfecto CMS - Basic 6.1

Developer Perfect Team
Updated 19 Mar 2016
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Hacking protectionHacking protection

Protect your site from XSS, SQL-injection, HEX, CMD, CrossSite and etc.
If your developer write code & that will contain a hole, built-in protection system will not allow it to operate.

Automatic SEOAutomatic SEO

Built-in tools for creating or generating meta-tags, automatic generation of alt-names for page. Search engines like Perfecto CMS, time-honored facts!





Perfecto CMS 6.1 Basic - is the best choice if you want to build a corporate website, business presentation with the services delivered online. Compared to the Lite version, Basic contains everything necessary for any Web 2.0 start-up concepts. Very fast and easy sign up process makes the customers’ relationship with website warm and friendly.

This version, like all of the others, is featured with the multilingual interface, allowing you to promote your business at new markets. A smart system of lingual distinguishing allows creating multilingual pages within few minutes. An entire data will be maintained in the UTF8 encoding, which lets you adding new languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. The system integrates English and Russian by default, but it is simple to download different lingual packages thus extending your website’s lingual range.

Compared to the previous version, Perfecto CMS 6.1 holds more optimized code, and has been developed at the convenient and user-friendly interface.


  • News
  • Static pages
  • Last news
  • Universal category
  • Cloud tags
  • Smart SEO module
  • CNC supporting
  • Feedback
  • Website search
  • Visitors analytics
  • Multilingual interface
  • Easy and simple templater
  • Easy modular system
  • Turn on/off website
  • News views counter
  • Static pages views counter
  • Create infinity pages
  • Member Ajax registration
  • Member Ajax login
  • Member account
  • Members profile page
  • Forgot password
  • Universal Payment Gateway
  • Commenting universal system

Detailed information

  • The main page
    The main page
    The main Perfecto CMS page is universal. It accepts posting both static pages and the news feed, which will reflect the latest news on the main page
  • Multilingual interface
    Multilingual interface
    To make any changes into the interface texts, you will no longer have to refer to the multilingualism programmers to help you. The System entered the market with the multilingualism as a key factor, and was improved and got modernized during the last five years. The Admin Panel allows editing any perts of the text, using a convenient interface for the language variables management.
  • Automatic SEO
    Automatic SEO
    Now that you created your super-cool website with a big lot of info, it still remains pointless until you make it known by others. This is the reason why Perfecto CMS has a smart SEO module built into it. Not only the system is fast (searching engines love quick websites), but it also has an automatic feature of creating SEO links and meta tags.
  • News list
    News list
    This will be an ordinary news page, having a certain amount of news, capable to open in their full version. It also includes the latest news that you can post globally in any place of the website.
  • Static pages
    Static pages
    You will be able to build universal informative multimedia pages, which may contain virtually any HTML content by integrating audio, video and other materials. This becomes convenient and attractive due to the WYSIWYG editor and a handy file manager, included into Basic and Maxi templates.
  • Universal categories
    Universal categories
    This opportunity makes you enjoy categorization in news and static pages, as well as integrating universal categories into any module. As developers, we already completed creating the category formation logic for you. Your part is just to launch universal categories and go on with any other stuff you need to do.
  • Search at the website
    Search at the website
    The option to make a search within the website is a key success factor for your project, as it’s more practical to search for the material needed, than spending a lifetime to look up all the pages. The search module is so flexible, that it will take just a couple minutes to integrate additional modules of your website into the search module.
  • Easy sign up
    Easy sign up
    The sign up process is becoming a key factor, as the website Administration needs to gather a customer database for the further processing. The system has a convenient sign up feature, which doesn’t require entering a scary amount of data. Easy and quick registration process will raise the number of new users for your website.
  • Member area
    Member area
    Upon registration, each user gets an access to their personal area. There you can find a menu to choose from, including authorization statistics, user balance, as well as opportunity to edit the sign-up data.
  • Password reset
    Password reset
    Recovering the login data will not require much time. The smart-system of recovery will let you to restore the access to your account, though being safely protected against attacks of various kinds.
  • Universal payment module
    Universal payment module
    The payment acceptance organization module is on the website. It also can be extended to be able to pay through the new processing services with minimal knowledge about online payments. The system offers the payment aggregators RoboKassa and InterKassa for free.
  • File manager
    File manager
    The file management at the server is very important. For example, the static pages’ or news’ editing will often require uploading picture files or any other materials. It can’t be done without the file manager. That’s why an absolutely handy and easy file manager is built into the system, to help you manage all the files at the website.

Control panel Features

  • Managing all site content
  • Statistic of usage
  • Managing news
  • Managing static pages
  • Managing users
  • Making error pages (404,403)
  • Managing universal categories
  • Visitors analytics
  • Managing Cloud tags
  • Change publication date
  • Handy WYSIWYG content editor
  • Languages import/export
  • Human-understandable links
  • Multi-template engine
  • Managing website modules
  • Receive emails in control panel
  • Reply the messages in control panel
  • User blocking
  • User-friendly file manager
  • Configuring SMTP server
  • HTML templates for mailing
  • Restrict access by IP to the control panel
  • Users language auto detection
  • Set news list in home page
  • Meta titles for all modules
  • Search content in control panel
  • Multilingual META data
  • Edit templates in control panel
  • Notepad for Administrator
CMS Version:6.1 (Basic)
Archive size:  4,11mb
License:Lifetime (for 6.x versions)
Extensions:GD, mb_string, iconv, mod_rewrite, simplexml, zip
Browser settings:JavaScript & Cookies support

Update 6.1 (№201603)

  • New MySQLi driver
  • 100% PHP7 compatibility
  • Improved performance in 3-4 times
  • Updated all modules and core
  • Fixed other bugs
Perfecto CMS - Basic 6.1 - Screenshot 5
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