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Offer for creative people
Offer for creative people
Do you want to gain popularity and raise your income? Contact us and we will take you to our ranks!

Offer for creative people

Dear designers and programmers, we refer you to special elite of artistic circles. We are ready to consider and put in our shop the design, modules and other commercial materials developed by you, absolutely free! In the accommodation is included the publication of name and the author's website and all copyright issues. This is a unique offer if you want to let people know about yourself, and earn passive income.
Your guaranteed income will be 70-80% of the cost of publication, and 20-30% will be allocated to sponsors and shareholders of «Perfecto CMS».
We are trying to entertain any creative idea for cooperation.

What do you get from our program?

  • Reputation and fame
  • Direct orders from our customers
  • Guaranteed and high income

What do we accept for the store?

  • Modules, plugins other scripts
  • Language packs and CMS modules
  • Ready-made templates or design (.psd)

For programmers

For programmers
Developers like «Perfecto CMS» because of its flexible architecture
We use jQuery for almost all of our JavaScript needs. We use MySQL, and soon we will begin to use it through the database abstraction layer ADOdb. Flexible model CMS allows you to easily learn it quickly and write high quality modules.
Our customers are happy with the system, as it has Ajax admin panel and allows you to manage easily your site. The decentralized modular system allows programmers to implement the development of the system in a matter of days.
From the programmers we accept modules, plug-ins and other codes. At your request, your design can be distributed either free or paid.

For designers

For designers
Easy integration of new templates enables designers working with us to create templates with pleasure. In «Perfecto CMS» you do not need to learn special structures or intricate codes. It is enough to have knowledge of HTML and design skills. Once your design is ready and composed in HTML format, you need only a few minutes to integrate into «Perfecto CMS».
We are also considering an offer from designers who do not have the skills to layout. Process of layout and template creation we undertake, thereby creating the convenience for the current class of people. 

For translators

For translators
If you are a translator, you can help with the translation of «Perfecto CMS» to your own or any other selected language. Let us know and we will give you Russian or English package and explain the structure of the language files for translation.

Everything is very easy and simple. An example of simplicity can be word document containing a list of files and proposals that need to be translated.
Website design order
Unique offer for customers of Perfecto CMS.
If you want an original design let us know and we will contact you to discuss the details.
Please note
We appreciate your time and for save time, please download the blank of design order, complete it and send to our mailbox: Our email
Approximate price
600 USD

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