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Shareholders and investors
Shareholders and investors
«Perfecto CMS» - is one of the best content management systems that allows the purchase of virtual dividend worldwide


A long time dreaming to become a shareholder? We have created a unique scheme, which has great potential and a guaranteed source of income on securities «Perfecto CMS»
Anyone can freely buy PCMS Virtual Shares and becoming a shareholder in «Perfecto CMS», receiving a percentage of sales.

Below are infographics about how it is working.
For shareholders
At the moment, emissions released «А» in the virtual equivalent of 25,000 securities of «Perfecto CMS».
51% of the proceeds equivalent to 12.750 pieces of securities belong to the owners and staff of «Perfecto CMS». The remaining 49% of the equivalent of 12.250 pieces of securities are offered for sale to investors and shareholders.

All paper questions, our staff will take over. You only need to register and become our partner. Then you can freely buy any available quantity PCMS Virtual Shares.

Each shareholder receives a guaranteed percentage of sales of current releases, modules and templates developed under team of «Perfecto CMS». After payment of the desired amount of securities, they go to the shareholder and start the operation.
Securities PCMS Virtual Shares cannot be returned, but at the same time in the future, they will be able to sell them on the domestic securities market of «Perfecto CMS».
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the financial support of the project.
For the purchase of securities of "Perfecto CMS”, you must be registered and you have to inform our managers about the desire to purchase securities of «Perfecto CMS». After discussing all the details, you will be billed for payment, immediately after which you will have in your account purchased securities.

Payment methods

All prices are in US funds (No hidden fees)
You can make payments in real time by Credit card, PayPal, Yandex Money, WebMoney
Yandex Money

Market Information

Еmission «А»
Sold out
sold out 0%
Price of the virtual shares of Perfecto CMS is calculated based on sales in the last 12 months.
Website design order
Unique offer for customers of Perfecto CMS.
If you want an original design let us know and we will contact you to discuss the details.
Please note
We appreciate your time and for save time, please download the blank of design order, complete it and send to our mailbox: Our email
Approximate price
600 USD

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