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Stress tests for popular CMS

In this section we have given a detailed report on stress tests among the popular content management system.
In tests are involved the following systems:
  • 1. Perfecto CMS
  • 2. Joomla
  • 3. UMI CMS
  • 4. Amiro CMS
We chose stress testing service - Loaddy.

Test results №1 - Perfecto CMS

Perfecto CMS stress tests
  • Successfully tested
  • Pages generated: 382 (382 successful / 0 unsuccessful)
  • Web accessibility: 100%
  • Response average time: 0.42s
  • Maximum peak: 1.01s

Test results №2 - Joomla

Joomla stress tests
  • Successfully tested
  • Pages generated: 394 (394 successful / 0 unsuccessful)
  • Web accessibility: 100%
  • Response average time: 0.87s
  • Maximum peak: 1.18s

Test results №3 - UMI CMS

UMI CMS stress tests
  • The system stopped responding
  • Pages generated: 107 (14 successful / 93 unsuccessful)
  • Web accessibility: 13.33%
  • Response average time: 0.36s
  • Maximum peak: 2.4s

Test results №4 - Amiro CMS

Amiro CMS stress tests
  • The system stopped responding
  • Pages generated: 148 (37 successful / 111 unsuccessful)
  • Web accessibility: 25%
  • Response average time: 1.05s
  • Maximum peak: 4.82s

Summing up

50 visitors per minute is - 60 minutes * 24 hours * 50 = 7,200 visitors / day
This test was performed on average VPS server configuration: 1GB RAM, CPU 2GHz, Swap 2GB, SSD
What does this mean? This means that the site built on Perfecto CMS, will easily cope with the load of 7,000, 10,000 and 20,000 people a day!

The results are not bad. Nevertheless, scares the average response time of 0.87s and a maximum peak in 1.18 seconds at such a minimal test.
Does this mean that the site with a slightly higher attendance will not be fault-tolerant? Guess and check it yourself! :)

Results are killing outright! Site on UMI CMS was available only 14% of cases with a similar stress test. What does it mean? It means that if 100 people visit your site, built on the UMI CMS, form 100 visited 14 people will see your website and 86 people will receive an error and will flee far, far away. Think twice before choosing CMS!

4. Amiro CMS
This system also has a very popular, but curiously enough, site Amiro could not stand such a load and was available just for 25% of all cases of 100. During the entire test was successfully generated 37 pages form total and it's sad :(. And a maximum response time reached even 4.5 seconds!
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