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Perfecto CMS v6

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Perfecto CMS 6Dear friends,

Throughout the last 6 months, we worked hard to create a totally new system, which is significantly different from the previous Perfecto CMS template.

New Perfecto CMS prelease integrates the most convenient work with the system.

The main goal of this release is to create the most possibly comfortable and easy-to-work-with interface both for the website users and for its Admins.

The following is the detailed list of our innovations.


01. New and modern design

This Perfecto CMS version carries totally new design for the website’s template as well as for the Admin’s Panel. The old template became outdated, and the Admin Panel needed more user-friendly interface, and our specialists performed these successfully. 

02. Regular Terms

Regular Terms for the preg_replace, preg_match functions have been entirely rewritten. Lot of these were outdated, and very soon will be taken out from the PHP’s new versions. As usual, we always have to consider the future’s trends.

03. Robots.txt generation

Automatic robots.txt generation has been added during the Perfecto CMS installing process.

04. SMTP server for sending mails

In Admin Panel, there is a feature came out to adjust the SMTP server to be able emailing directly from there.  This setup was important for the safe mail delivery to our valued customers.

05. Data Encryption

New algorithm has been added to encrypt all the passwords and other important data both at the server’s side and in customer’s space. This innovation allows maintaining the best protection even in case if your data were stolen.

06. New set up Options

New filters/settings have been added to form the target groups of the website users, to distribute news, discount sales and other material of particular range to them.

07. Optimized JS, CSS, IMG

JavaScript, CSS, as well as pictures have been optimized to the highest possible level, which resulted in a best way. As it’s been currently estimated, the average time to load/generate a page equals 500ms, and average amount of the files hooked up is about 3 times less than recommended by famous communities. 

08. SVG vs JPG, PNG

2015 is here, and smart people have long ago started using SVG, Base64/SVG instead of jpg, and png icons. Nowadays, websites have to be vectored, and the photos of the content only may have the raster format. That’s what we wanted to do, and we did it. Enjoy!

09. The New WYIWYG Editor

The TinyMCE inside the Admin panel was updated through its last version. The attractive and convenient interface has been developed, and it got perfectly fit into the general style of the Admin panel. Enjoy!

10. New File Manager

New File manager is much more functional than the previous version. It include the following features: creating folders, deleting folders, creating files, deleting files, copying, cutting, doubling, downloading, preview, convenient filtration by type, and much more.

11. HTML template for mailing

In settings, you will find an attractive email настройках сайта вы найдете приятный email template, which can be edited individually, and all the mail you send from the website will look clear and peasant.

12. Meta titles for more languages

We resolved our own shortcoming about inability to create defferent titles of the main page for various languages.

13. Search for any materials inside the Admin panel

A Global Search Module has been added into various modules inside Admin Panel. Currently, the search functions in the following mogules: News, Pages, Users, Feedback, Contacts, Language Variables, and Comments.

14. Visiting Analytics

The Visiting Analytics is added into the Admin panel.You can see the ratio between devices you website is being visited from, as well as browsers’ and devices’ correlation by type and location. Convenient and easy to use interface makes it possible to replace Google Analytics, if you don’t have a goal of a detailed data analysis.

15. Notepad for the Admin

Being a website Admin, who has to deal with a lot of content, you probably will need to constantly write down some tips and thoughts somewhere to have a prompt access to. Here you go! We present you a Notepad! Please note that except for the updates listed above, there will be a lot of other minor innovations, though our goal was about something else. Our team made a decision to improve the System not for decorative purposes. Instead, we wanted to optimize the PHP code, JS, CSS, аs well as to integrate a more attractive interface both into the Admin panel and the website itself. If you are not our valued customer yet, you can purchase the script on our website.

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