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Affiliate program

Perfect Team/ 4711 / 0
Great news for site owners, developers and designers.

Site owners can register and get an affiliate link, which is after instaled on the site or spread manually. From each payment your referral, you will earn 20% of the purchase price

For example, your referral bought Perfecto CMS Maxi with the price of $ 149,
you will automatically receive on your affiliate account $ 29.8

For developers it is a perfect opportunity to create their own modules and modifications and sell in our store. You will receive 70-80% of the sale price. So as you have the opportunity to spread your products for free, with the name of the author.

For designers, there is a similar scheme, draw designs and sell them on our platform and you’ll get up to 80% of the value of design.
Anything you developed is distributed under your brand, name and copyright.

You can familiarize yourself with the affiliate program in a private office in the user menu.

Best regards,
Perfect Team

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