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Mobile version

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Рады сообщить о проделанной работе на нашем сайте.
С сегодняшнего дня официальный сайт Perfecto CMS адаптирован под различные мобильные устройства.

Promo Codes

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We have good news :)
Today we launched a system of promo codes, which allows our dear customers to get big discounts and bonuses during the promotions.

News subscription

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An option has been added to subscribe for our discount events and other news and ads. To subscribe, you need to go onto any section of the website, and enter your email in the green widget on the left.
An Advertising campaign regarding all of the new Perfecto CMS versions: all of our customers are getting a -37% discount as well as the System's FREE delivery onto your computer.

New Design and More

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Thanks a lot for checking out our new design :)
A huge amount of work we done is starting to pay. The following is the list of some renovations

We accept payments through PayPal

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Please be advised that we started accepting payments through the PayPal processing service.
Now Perfecto CMS can be paid both via PayPal, and via VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover.

Perfecto CMS v6

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Dear friends,
Throughout the last 6 months, we worked hard to create a totally new system, which is significantly different from the previous Perfecto CMS template.
New Perfecto CMS prelease integrates the most convenient work with the system.

Website design order
Unique offer for customers of Perfecto CMS.
If you want an original design let us know and we will contact you to discuss the details.
Please note
We appreciate your time and for save time, please download the blank of design order, complete it and send to our mailbox: Our email
Approximate price
600 USD

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