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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about Perfecto CMS. Do not know where to ask a question? Write here, you are sure to help!


Below you will find several frequently asked questions about the Perfecto CMS content management system.
If you could not find the answer to your question, you can read On-line documentation or contact us.

General Inquiries

01What Perfecto CMS is about?
Perfecto CMS – is about controlling your content. It’s a computerized program (script) which allows you to create your own website based on combined microprograms making it possible to control the content through own Admin panel. Perfecto CMS utilizes MySQL Database Management System, and works at the PHP versions 5.2 and above
02Will we be able to switch to other hosting providers?
It is possible if you keep the same domain name for the new hosting site.
03How to purchase Perfecto CMS?
You are welcome to purchase the script in the Releases Section→ pay → download the package
04Can we change domain name?
The domain name is not an object to change within the same licensed copy of the Product. One copy = one domain name.
05What is the reason preventing me from changing the Domain name while keeping the same license?
It’s a case for a numerous reasons. In most cases, it’s about abusing the current method. Also, domain change is impossible due to the type of the license (eternal), which takes paying for it just once and then using it eternally. It makes us different from many other site management systems, where you have to renew license yearly or even monthly.
06Am I able to install огу ли CMS locally, without activating the license?
You are free to install Perfecto CMS locally and set the design, modules, content etc. At the end of this work, you can upload it to the actual server, and activate your license.
Note: without the license activation, you won’t have an access to some functions, but still will be able to add content, change design or module development.
07How many licenses I can purchase?

You can have an unlimited number of licenses.

08Are there any benefits in the Perfecto CMS?
These are fast pace, easy management and control, an Admin Panel intonated, multilingual function, high rating for the website in the searching systems, simple patterning
09What kind of technologies has been used at the development?
The main ground consists of PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, and XML technologies.
10How safe and protected Perfecto CMS is?
In order to maintain the safety of the internal system, we made sure that the website has no way to be hijacked through injection or login data replacement. Any incoming data, including those written by external developers, are thoroughly filtered by the system. As soon as unsanctioned activity is located, the fraud gets blocked by the system automatically, and logs get saved.
11Are any databases required to work with Perfecto CMS?
Yes. The system works with MySQL Database Management System.
12Which encoding is used in a Database Management System’s structure?
Database Management System is built in UTF-8 encoding
13May a highly attended project be created at Perfecto CMS?
Yes, it may. More detailed info about capacity, requirements and durability can be found on the System Requirements page
14What knowledge level should I have to be able managing Perfecto CMS?
It’s enough to be familiar with MS WORD for page creating and posting news. Everything is very simple due to the convenient WYSIWYG editor inside the Admin Panel
15Which Hosting service is required for Perfecto CMS?
Any hosting will do, if it’s according to the Perfecto CMS’s System Requirements. In the Promo Codes section, Perfecto CMS grants you with the promo codes by famous providers, well known in the telecommunication field, and there are many copies of the websites created on the Perfecto CMS engine.
16How many design templates are included into the distributive?
Any release includes just one template, but in addition to that, you are able to download different templates from the Templates section.
17Is your CMS’s code open?
Certainly, except for several files we cannot allow to change.

Licensing and Technical Support

01What is the way for me to get a license after I made the payment?
After your payment for one of the releases is successfully processed, you just enter the My Purchases link from the customer menu, and there you will see the field to enter your domain name. After you enter your domain name, you will get your own license key.
02What is the time period for the license to be active?
The license is active eternally for the each order as far as we support it’s timeline.
03Will I be able to update or renew from the Lite version to Basic or Maxi?
You won’t. All updates are just possible for identical releases, as they differ in functionality. You can acquire additional modules separately in the Official Modules section
04How long the Technical Support is effective for?
Starting with the license activation date, the Tech Support is available for one year. This amount of time is totally enough to completely study the system, and to learn resolve occurring questions independently.
Please note that Tech support isn’t the same thing as providing the new versions of the system. You will keep receiving new updates during the whole time as you use the current template.
05Are the updates available to the license owners?
Upon the license purchasing, осле покупки лицензии, you will have the access to all of the new updates for your template. At the moment, that’s a 6.x. version. If you purchased the 6.0 version, you will have all the updates from 6.0 through 6.9 accessible.
In average, it’s about 2 years of the system development and functionality improvement.
06Is it possible to install a license both to domain and a subdomain?
Nope. The reason for this limitation policy is because many hosting providers offer free of charge subdomains to their customers, making it possible to develop unlimited number of websites under just one license, and this contradicts our policy of providing and utilizing the Perfecto CMS license key.

Technical Issues

01How are tags «title», «description», «keywords» created for the website’s pages?
These are generated automatically for the modules: news, static pages, as well as external workouts, according to the Perfecto CMS hierarchy.
You can make changes in «description» and «keywords» directly while adding/editing news or static pages.

For the main page, these settings are shown in Admin Panel→ Settings → META.
02Can we create our catalogue site on your CMS?
Yes you can.
To create a catalogue (the items’ exhibit) without the ordering form or shopping cart, you can acquire Basic или Maxi releases + the catalogue module which is located separately in the Modules section
03How are the Perfecto CMS websites indexed?
The Perfecto CMS’s websites integration is happening at the highest level due to our exclusive SEO module engineering.

Payment & Financing

01Which payment methods do you accept?
Currently, we launched processing services by RoboKassa, InterKassa as well as PayPal system.

PayPal system accepts: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover
Robokassa accepts: WebMoney, YandexMoney, Privat24, QIWI, Visa/Master card, Perfect Money, TeleMoney, MoneXy, AlfaClick, MTS, Megafon, etc.
02Is there any way to get a refund?
Perfecto CMS is not a subject for refunds or exchanges due to being unprotected from being possibly copied.
You are free to view the demo versions of both Users’ part and Admin panel. Also, you can get familiar with the detailed documentation, and to read the feedback from our customers, as well as to see the workability of the sites made by Perfecto CMS.

Extended Services

01Can I order the service of installing and setting the Perfecto CMS package?
You can. After purchasing any version of the script, you can contact the Technical Support, with the subject line saying “Installation Order”.
Our xperts will contact you shortly
02Can I order a website ready-to-use or «turnkey»?
Yes. You can place your order for the ready-to-use website at the page of our Department for Websites’ Development.
03Can I order a module design?
Yes, you can.
04Can I order an individual (custom) design?
Yes, you can
05Do I have a right to sell or distribute any templates scripted by me on your site?
Yes, you do. Templates get tested by experts, and get published thereafter. While working on your own template, you have an option to save your backlink, which contains brief info about you, directly inside the template package.
06Am I eligible to sell or distribute any modules scripted by me on your site?
Yes, you are. Modules get tested by experts, and get published thereafter. While working on your own module, you have a right to save your backlink, which contains brief info about you, directly inside the module package.
07What percentage I get from sales of modules and templates developed by me?
You get up to 80% of the sell amount. 20% + is taken by tech support and testing by experts
08Can I become a partner or reseller?
Yes, after you registered, you will see a user’s menu, where a link for the prospective “Partners” is found, and you can follow the instructions from there.
09What kinds of partnership forms are possible with your Company?
We are a team of progressively growing and friendly individuals, and we are open for any interesting partnership ideas.
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