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PerfectoCMS Documentation
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Templates engine

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Template Standardization is an important part of any website. Generally, the website design is divided into two pages: main and internal. At the most of the websites, the difference in their structure is not that significant. It’s hard to find a website where this different is drastic.

General Idea

Normally, all the news pages carry identical design, as well as the rest of the website’s pages must have similar design. This was thought out for a reason. This is the way your visitors are going to visually memorize your website.

Therefore, having a bulk of identical pages, you can freely divide these pages onto groups, where “A” group will have “A” design; “B” group will gave “B” design, and so on. Such a distribution is called Template Standardization.

Our team decided to utilize Fast Templater as template standardizer, with slight changes and additions, which must require a minimal capacity during the website’s functioning. Therefore, we possess an entire programming code, which recognizes certain tags being previously placed, and is able to change them into a required generated code by using the ways of the module development. Module recognizes its own templates and work closely with them. Ultimately, after the interpretation, you will see the piece of a generated HTML page.

What makes template standardization better than common HTML insert into the PHP files?

The answer is quite simple. It’s about easiness and extremely readable code. Why would you mix design files with the programming code ones? You will face a lot of problems and hard time looking for a developer who would be able to change the website design, as it is a pretty common phenomenon. You may love your website’s design currently, but after a while you most probably will wish to update it by making your website look prettier and modern. The proper template standardization structure will be helpful for the makeup person while they try to implant the imposed layout onto your website.

Flowchart of the Perfecto CMS Template Standardizer’s work

Perfecto CMS Template engine
The template standardization work is pretty simple. At the same time, it makes the website’s code flexible and simple.


Template Standardizer will help your website to get a flexible and handy structure, making it possible to easily switch a website’s design, as well as logically distribute your files by their type into various directories.
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