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PerfectoCMS Documentation
PerfectoCMS Documentation
You can find best practices on all major configuration procedures that will help you plan better your resources and environment.

Basic setup

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It is a right time to start setting procedure.
You should enter administration web site panel and get into «Settings» (top-right icon)


Perfecto CMS basic setup - System
First pay attention to active property page «Settings». You may choose Web site design later on.

Language auto-detection - this setting allows system automatically determine browser’s language and show Web site when opening the window. If you turn off this setting, when opening Web site, user will have to use language which was chosen automatically.

If you are working with a Web site or you have just made an engine installation and you have not installed it till the end, you can turn off Web site from display. Also you can leave a text, which any user will see when web site is turned off. Turned off Web site will be available for administrators, and is authorized in system at present moment.

Home page

Perfecto CMS basic setup - Home page
Let’s move on to page «General»
In this section you can provide module, which will be shown on general page. If general page of your Web site provides information, you will need to choose «Pages» in Module field of general page. Then choose page from the list which was created earlier. If you do not have pages that were created earlier, move to «Pages» section, create page, after which, you can come back to general page settings, indicate that page.
When you provide module for general page-news module, you can provide the number of entering news on general page.


Perfecto CMS basic setup - Email
Move on to page «Email».
In this section you can set up mail box, that will receive letters from Feedback module or other modules, that sent letters to administer.
Below you can see a template example that uses variables.

Email template - We create a user-friendly email template, but you can change it :)

SMTP settings - It is desirable turn on SMTP and enter the settings. Request your SMTP settings from your hosting provider customer support.

META tags

Perfecto CMS basic setup - Meta
In «Meta» section you are going to see meta tag’s for general page.
For inner pages meta tags operate automatically.
After you are done with all settings don not forget to press Save!
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