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PerfectoCMS Documentation
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How to add Yandex Metrics

3,995 views / 02 Feb 2015 edited
This article discusses how to register on Yandex metric, get the code and install on Perfecto CMS
You will learn how to add a counter statistics Yandex metric to your project, built on a content management system Perfecto CMS.
Due to the structure of the template design Perfecto CMS, you will be able to implement counter Yandex Metrics, without even minimal knowledge of CSS and HTML, in doing so, we will help you in this lesson.

Registration in Yandex Metrics

Registration in Yandex Metrics
Go to page Yandex Metrics and click Get metric. If you have an account on Yandex, just go through it, or register a new account in Yandex.

Getting counter Yandex Metrics

Getting counter Yandex Metrics
After successful authentication (registration), go to the page and the New metric on the next page, click the Add counter button.
On this page, enter the address of your site and set the settings to suit your needs. As an example, you can make it as shown in the picture below.
Creating Yandex Metric counter
After making all the settings, copy the counter code and click Save.
Save the code in a safe place, we need it soon.

Set Yandex Metrics counter on Perfecto CMS

Next, you need to log in to the admin panel of your site and go to the section Template Editor. Our example demonstrates authorized Yandex Metrics in the footer of the site, therefore we put it in a file footer.tpl. You can set the code in any convenient place.
Paste the previously received code at any desired location.

Pay attention! The meter Yandex Metrics present successive symbols {( and )}. Perfecto CMS handler receives a similar sequence as a variable, and therefore you need to separate them with spaces. See how it's done in the image below.
Correcting Code of Yandex Metrics

Save. Done!
Congratulations, your counter Yandex Metrics is installed and runs on Perfecto CMS.
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