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PerfectoCMS Documentation
PerfectoCMS Documentation
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Global variables

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Below are the lists of declared variables that can be used in their designs.
The variables are divided into two groups. The group variables for the template - you can use them in any included .tpl files, and a group of variables to modules for use in included .php files.

Variables for TPL

	{key} # unique key is generated for each page is load. Use this key in POST forms
{FRONTEND_TPL} # full path to the current site template
{BACKEND_TPL} # full path to the current admin panel template
{curr_lang} # current language name (example: en)
{page_title} # current page title
{logged_id} # logged user id
{logged_login} # logged user login
{logged_group} # logged user group
{logged_email} # logged user email
{logged_skyp} # logged user skype
{logged_icq} # logged user ICQ
{logged_phone} # logged user phone
{logged_firstname} # logged user firstname
{logged_lastname} # logged user lastname
{logged_middlename} # logged user middlename
{logged_balance} # logged user balance
{logged_country} # logged user country
{logged_city} # user city
{logged_sex} # logged user sex
{logged_bdate} # logged user bithday
{logged_last_visit} # logged user last visit date
{logged_userpic} # logged user pic

Variables for PHP

	BASE_DIR # system base location
BASE_PATH # system base path
FRONTEND_MOD # full path to the current site template
BACKEND_MOD # full path to the current admin template
UPLOAD_DIR # path to the uploading folder
UPLOAD_PATH # link to the uploading folder
CACHE_DIR # path to the caching folder
$config_array # system settings array
$core # core functions defined class
$db # user-friendly defined mysql class
$tpl # class to work with templates
$language # array containing information about the active language
$lang_const # global and current module language variables
$_categories # array contain information about all categories
$_user # array contain information about logged user
$_users # array contain information about all users
$_groups # array contain information about all groups
$stats # logged user statistics, include IP, browser, OS and etc.
Please note! These variables can be used in any module, and template.

You may also be interested in the detailed API documentation.
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