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PerfectoCMS Documentation
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How to add favicon

3,479 views / 02 Feb 2015 edited
This article discusses how to create and replace the standard favicon on Perfecto CMS
You will learn how to create a favicon from the regular image file (jpg, png, gif..) and replace it with the standard icon of Content Management System onto Perfecto CMS.
We will not consider the process of drawing icons and for an example, we will take a ready image with the size of 128х128px.

Creating of favicon

Creating of favicon
Recommend to draw a square icon in the proportion with a minimum resolution of 128x128px. Of course, it’s enough for a favicon and 16px in width and length, but now most of the monitors have a high pixel density, and favicon from 16x16 pixels will be blurred and not clear. Therefore, we take the size of 128x128 pixels.

Generating of favicon online

For now, there is a long list of high-quality resources to transform the image file from jpg, png, gif format ico. This is the format we need for the future and favicon.
Of the numerous services to generate favicon, we like most service Right it we will use further.

Generate favicon
You just need to go to the main page of the service and upload your icon. In the setting of the size of the future favicon, select the maximum, at the moment it is 64x64 pixels. After click “Generate Favicon”.
Within seconds, your favicon will be ready and there will be a link at the bottom “Download Your Favicon Here”. Click on it and download the generated favicon.

Replacing standard favicon Perfecto CMS

To replace the default favicon Perfecto CMS, you need to go through FTP (or through file manager of your hosting) in the root directory of the specified distribution. And you only need to replace the newly created favicon (favicon.ico) with the old one. To see the result, you will need to clear your browser cache.

Pay attention that in the search engines new favicon will not appear immediately, it takes some time from search bots to re-index. It usually takes 14-28 days.

List of a few services to generate favicon

List of a few services to generate favicon
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