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PerfectoCMS Documentation
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Managing languages

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This article provides instructions for editing the language settings through the admin panel Perfecto CMS.
Language variables - it’s a combination of the word variable used in Perfecto CMS for localization. Even if your site is not multilingual, you can use the language settings for quick editing through the admin panel, as well as to save the structure of the separation of data types.
Language variables in Perfecto CMS
To edit the language settings go to the admin panel under the administrator's login and go to the «Languages».
On this page, we will see 2 lines, each of which is responsible for one language of the site. By default, the standard package with Perfecto CMS features Russian and English localization

Changing the default language is possible both through the current page and in the main site settings.
Let's have a look at editing of variables based on the English language pack. To do this, click the button «Edit” next to the language pack with the word «English».
Editing language variables
Next, we’re getting to the edit page, which looks like that in the picture above.
At the top there are fields «Code» and «Title». They are responsible for the character of the current language. It is better not to change, if you are not a developer. Их лучше не менять, если вы не являетесь разработчиком.

Status of the language is responsible for its topicality. If you turn off the language, the site in the current language will no longer be available.

Below we will see a table with the language variables. This area is divided into two blocks. In the left block is a list of language files and thier names are usually identical with the name of the module, and in in the right box there are opened variables of the selected language.
Right block of language variables has a table with fields «Variable» and «Value».

Variable - the name of the variable that will continue being used in templates. Letters, numbers and dashes _ are available.
Value - the text of the language variable. May consist of words, sentences and from HTML content.

You can edit the «Value» field, if you need to change any word on the site, but it is not recommended to change the Meanings of the fields «Variable» if you are not a developer.

Assume you have a language variable «hello_world» with the value «Hello!» and it is found in the language file News. This variable you can declare a template news (news.tpl) as follows: {#lng_news_hеllo_world}.
Below is a list of language files from the standard boxes.

  • System - General language file
  • HTTP Errors - Language variables for header error pages
  • News - Language variables for news
  • Static pages - Language variables for static pages
  • Feedback - Language variables for feedback form
  • Search - Language variables for search form
  • Categories - Language variables for categories
  • Forgot Password - Language variables for forgot password page
  • Account - Language variables for member account
  • Comments - Language variables for comments
  • Reviews - Language variables for reviews module
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