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PerfectoCMS Documentation
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Managing categories

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This article discusses how to add, edit and delete categories in Perfecto CMS.


Categories in Perfecto CMS are arranged with a very flexible method, and can be integrated in almost any module written by third-party developers. To add a new category in the admin panel, you must log into the «Categories».

Categories in Perfecto CMS
On this page you will see a list of modules which support categories. We will consider the instructions on the basis of the categories for the module «News».
To go to the list of categories of module «News», please click on the appropriate module, in this case «News». On the next page we'll see a list of existing categories.

Add category

List of categories in Perfecto CMS
To create a new category, press button «Add» in the upper right corner.
Add category in Perfecto CMS

Below is a list of fields and the description thereto.

  • Title - Title category, which will be displayed in the list
  • Altname - Link to the category for the formation of a general link
  • Category - If the current category will be as basic, leave this field with the value of «root». If this category is «subsidiary» character (under category), select the main category to which it should go.
  • Status - You can disable the category, and it will not be visible in the list
  • Show in categories - If you want to exclude the display category from the list, but want to keep it active for a direct link, in this menu you can select «No»
  • Text - Description for this category for further withdrawal of the site (by default, the text does not appear in versions 5.x-6.x)
  • Keywords - Keywords characterizing a category for search engines
  • Description - Description of the category for search engines
Do not forget to click «Save» to create a new category.

Category, which we have created, is now available with a direct link:
While creating or editing news, you can specify the menu «Categories» current category, and the news will be available on the link above.

Next, place the reference to the category in the site template.
To do this, go to «Template Edito» and specify the HTML code link to the right place.

/* Below is an example of HTML code to be inserted in the «Edit Template» */
<^^^a href="{curr_lang}/news/animals/">Animals<^^^/a>
  • {curr_lаng} - You can use this variable if your website is multilingual. This variable automatic changes to language prefix after page generation
  • animals - You can use any word for the «link».
Insert the generated code for example in the desired pattern.
How to edit the templates, you can see on the page «Template Management»

Automatic output categories

Above you see the general information to create categories and manual placement in the correct pattern.
But for many site owners it is essential the menu to be dynamic. That is automatically created on the basis of the categories in the admin panel. For such cases, we have created the instructions, follow them and your site will be with a dynamic menu.
Pay attention! Dynamic menu described in the instruction caches, and is updated once every hour. After creating the categories, you need to clean the cache on the main page of the admin panel that allows you to see the result immediately
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