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How to add counter

3,843 views / 02 Feb 2015 edited
In this article, we will discuss the installation of third-party counters attendance on Perfecto CMS

Internal statistics of attendance

Internal statistics of attendance
By default, content management system Perfecto CMS has a module attendance statistics. To see the statistics it’s enough to log into the admin panel and go to the statistics section (upper circle with a corresponding icon).
We constantly monitor the data module and improve it. At the moment, it allows users to get statistics divided into the following filters: browsers, operating systems, device types, the dynamics of attendance, the filter time period, incoming links, and inbound top domains. Well, that’s it, but it's enough for average user.
If for you all that is not enough, and you decide to install a third-party counter, let's teach you how to do it on the example of the counter LiveInternet.

Getting of the counter LiveInternet

Getting of the counter LiveInternet
The process of obtaining the counter from LiveInternet is easy enough. You need to go to the registration page on the “LiveInternet”, enter the data of your site and click Next. Please pay attention, you can either open access to the statistics publicly or close public access.
On the next page, you will see the previously completed data. Check them out and press Register.
On the third page, you will get the code. To do this, click Get HTML code counter.
In the new tab, select the desired color, style, size, etc. counter. Once selected, click Next, and then copy the resulting HTML code.

Set counter LiveInternet on Perfecto CMS

Set counter LiveInternet on Perfecto CMS
So, counter code here and we go to the admin panel of our website, under Template Editor. Our example demonstrates authorized LiveInternet counter in the footer of the site, and therefore we open the file footer.tpl. You can set the counter code in any convenient place. Paste the previously received code after the tag “aside” and save. Done!
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