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PerfectoCMS Documentation
PerfectoCMS Documentation
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How to change logotype

3,585 views / 02 Feb 2015 edited
In this article, we will discuss how to change the standard logo of Perfecto CMS into your own.
Standard logo Perfecto CMS has a vector format SVG. Yes, we understand and know about the old and dead browsers, but just because their number is not huge, then use this format to achieve better results.
You may use at your option the logo in any graphics format.
This article does not provide the process of designing a logo.

Information about the logo

Information about the logo
Standard logo has a transparent background, and we recommend you create a logo with the same background.
ЛThe logo has a size 130x35px. If you are also going to change styles of the site, thereby increasing the space for a logo, you can do it the way you want.

Replacing the logo

So, you're holding a brand new logo, which you want to insert instead of the standard logo of Perfecto CMS.
To do this you need to login through an FTP client (or your hosting file manager) to the /templates/frontend/default/images/ and download there new logo.
If you created a logo in svg format, just name it logo.svg and replace abovementioned folder, and you will be done with the replacing the logo.
  • If you create a logo in a different format, and wished to call it otherwise, then open the file /templates/frontend/default/header.tpl.
  • In it you will find the name of the old logo logo.svg, simply replace it with your own, for example new_logo.png.

Congratulations! Standard logo Perfecto CMS is replaced with yours..

Additional Information

If you are using a standard template Perfecto CMS and you want to change the logo into the new one that has other dimensions, you can edit the styles selected logo file /templates/frontend/default/css/style.css.

To work with the files of the site via FTP, we suggest these programs:
  • Coda 2 (Mac OS X)
  • FileZilla (Windows)
  • Total Commander (Windows)
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