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PerfectoCMS Documentation
PerfectoCMS Documentation
You can find best practices on all major configuration procedures that will help you plan better your resources and environment.

Possible problems

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Error 500 (Internal Server Error) - before installation

If you have downloaded Perfecto CMS from official website, upload your copy and after opening Web site you see error 500 (Internal Server Error), please clarify following paragraphs:
  • If you have uploaded .htaccess file
  • If your server works in mod_rewrite regime *
  • If there are appropriate rights for files and folders **

* mod_rewrite - it is module that is a part of PHP. It might be turned off with only few providers. Right now perfecto CMS works only with links that are clear for human beings (NPC)
** Some hosting providers set their own rules on downloading rights for files and folders. This problem might be solved, if you do 644 file right installation, and for folders 755. Otherwise you have to find more detailed information from your hosting provider

Error 500 (Internal Server Error) - after installation

If you have successfully installed CMS, when opening Web site you have error 500 (Internal Server Error), please clarify following paragraphs:
  • Please clarify if you have rights for 777 folder record /uploads/ and /cache/
  • Open file ./config.php and replace line cache::$storage = "auto"; to cache::$storage = "files";
System casher auto negotiation and it's usage are set automatically. In some cases server has Memcache or without installation. In this case it is impossible for script to function properly. In order to solve this problem try to change auto into one of the following: pdo, mpdo, files, memcache, memcached , apc, xcache, wincache. We highly recommend to use files, pdo, mpdo
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