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PerfectoCMS Documentation
PerfectoCMS Documentation
You can find best practices on all major configuration procedures that will help you plan better your resources and environment.

Online documentation

If you've never used Perfecto CMS before, this guide will get you up and running with a Perfecto CMS install, and introduce the basic concepts.
Let's start by explaining what  Perfecto CMS is all about.

What is Perfecto CMS?

Perfecto CMS is a PHP-based CMS that has been translated into more than 10 languages, accepted code from over 20 contributors and has had more than 1,250+ installations.
By avoiding the full 100% we have built a much more usable system and we will keep it that way. The extensibility and simplicity of Add-on development makes it easy and financially viable for everyone.

What You'll Need

To run Perfecto CMS, you'll need a Apache with PHP and MySQL installed. Specifically, you'll need:
  • Apache 2.x or above
  • PHP 5.2 or above
  • MySQL 5.x or above
  • GD 2 or above

If you have any questions, the answers to which can not be found in the online documentation, you can always contact our technical support.

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